For a long time, ebikes were regarded with something close to disdain by the ‘serious’ cycling community of battle-hardened mountain bikers and wiry road racers. The Dutch style motorised bicycles that first entered the market were far removed from the sport of cycling, but that wasn’t to last. Now, bike designers and manufacturers have identified the benefits to an industry bent on adventure and ebikes are taking the cycling world by storm.

For a limited time only, we’ve got some great deals on the Turbo Levo range, so here are five reasons why you should give one a test ride.

1. Gateway

If you want to get into cycling but are unsure about fitness, keeping up with friends or technical ability, there are few better ways to get going than with the assistance of a motor. The Trail Tune motor in the Turbo Levo range does not do all the work for you, it just offers a level of assistance in response to your pressure on the pedals, so you will still have to work for where you’re going. The comparative ease with which you will find yourself getting from A to B, and the fun you’ll have on the way, will make you want to ride more and more.

2. Further and faster

Countless experienced mountain bikers have started coming out of the woodwork to praise the benefits of motor-assisted bikes, dispelling the assumption that ebikes should be the sole domain of the inexperienced, injured or elderly. Where on a conventional mountain bike you might look forward to a half day of fun on the mountain before collapsing from exhaustion, a motor-assisted bike enables experienced riders to enjoy the same terrain for double the time.

3. Sweat-free fun

While the motor still demands the rider’s input, the exertion required is far reduced. With pressure going through the pedals, the motor of the Turbo Levo will offer up to 530 watts of extra power, which is a vast amount, making climbing a great deal easier or riding in hot weather far more pleasant. This means that a commute or lunch time ride can now be executed with far less risk of sweating buckets and turning up to the office looking like you’ve swum there!

4. Exclusive bike discount

Anyone who comes into a Concept Store to test ride a Turbo Levo is entitled to £600 off the FSR Expert 6Fattie, that’s a good 10% discount. This model is a beautiful marriage of Turbo technology and trail bike. It is a full suspension mountain bike with a RockShox Pike RC fork up front, with 140mm of travel for those big hits and uneven surfaces, and there is a FOX FLOAT Factory DPS rear shock and Rx Trail Tune for a supple and responsive feel. Roval Traverse wheels 38 650B wheels sit beneath the M5 Premium Aluminium frame, which is equipped with SRAM gearing. Not to mention the Trail Tune motor which quietly offers up to 530 watts of extra power to your pedals.

5. Free stuff!

If you test ride the Turbo Levo and decide to buy (the Turbo Levo FSR Expert 6Fattie), you will be entitled to over £100 of free accessories! The items in question are the Wireless Handlebar Remote (RRP £50) and the 2FO Flat Mountain Bike Shoes (RRP £90).

The Wireless Handlebar Remote allows the rider to control and change the Levo’s assist mode depending on how much additional power is wanted or needed. It also hooks up to your Garmin, streamlining the control of your device’s screens and the bike into a single remote unit.

The 2FO Flat Mountain Bike shoes promise to push the limit of control, comfort and protection in a lightweight shoe that inspires confidence no matter the level of the rider.


What more could you want? The world is changing in its perception towards motor-assisted bicycles, and this is your opportunity to get ahead of the curve. Don’t miss out!

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