Turbo battery recycling

Turbo battery recycling

Turbo battery recycling

Specialized are making a long-term commitment to sustainability. As e-bikes grow in popularity and the benefits of riding with power assistance become more obvious, we need to take steps to combat the environmental impact of our motors’ batteries. Therefore, having begun the process in the United States, we at Specialized have partnered with Ecolamp Recycling Solutions to create a recycling plan for Turbo batteries here in the UK.

Riding for sustainability

We’re selling more Specialized e-bikes than ever before and at an incredibly fast rate, so we decided it was time to get ahead of any future impact such a large number of e-bikes will make. Of course, the majority of these bikes have plenty of years left in them, but we wanted to answer the frequently asked question: “where do all the batteries go?” Longevity is a staple of Specialized bikes, and we design them not only to last decades but also minimise any potential environmental impact they may have in the future. So, whether you are riding a Creo in the Alps, a Kenevo down the Whistler slopes or are using a Turbo Vado to navigate busy city traffic, you can be sure that you're riding a bike that is clean. 

Ecolamp partnership

To commit to this mission of making sure no e-bike product finds its way into landfill, we have partnered with UK waste disposal carrier Ecolamp, now the nationwide recycling partner for Specialized bikes. Ecolamp have a proven record of recycling household electronics, so it seemed an obvious choice. They will also ensure that the e-bike battery packs live a second life with another function if they’ve any juice left. This partnership follows a similar agreement to what’s been established in the United States with recycling start-up Redwood Materials.

The recycling project will begin later this year in the United States before extending into the United Kingdom and other countries in 2022. All this is an indicator of how Specialized is adapting and committing to sustainable ways of working across the industry.

No better time to buy an e-bike

Specialized are very serious about the commitment to sustainability which shows that there has never been a better time to buy an e-bike. With an e-bike for every type of rider, our range is the best in the business, each one built to tackle all types of terrain and riding.

The Turbo Creo is soaring in popularity, thanks in large part to its versatility. From gliding up mountain passes to grinding gravel into dust, these bikes can handle it all and take you places you never previously thought possible. Similarly, the Kenevo and Levo e-MTB ranges totally transform the discipline. No more trail shuttles or lung busting rides up steep inclines to get to the best of the action, the added boost means that you can ride faster for longer and enjoy every bump, bend and bang in your favourite trails.

If mountain biking, gravel cruising and road riding aren’t your style, we still have lots to offer. Some riders don’t need an e-bike for a performance boost but instead look for the convenience the power assistance offers. Sometimes you just need a bike for city cruising, commuting and to cut down on your hours in a petrol guzzling four-wheeler. That’s where the Turbo Como and Vado ranges come in. Inspired by the Dutch and Danish one-bike-does-all setup, these models have the power to transport you into town for your daily errands and then back home laden with luggage without shedding so much as one bead of sweat.

Revolutionising every day cycling and helping the environment, you can do anything with one of these whips. Fun, fast and convenient, Specialized e-bikes are making waves in the industry and transforming your ride.

With so many e-bikes being sold, Specialized are considering the whole lifecycle of each machine, including any future environmental impacts. It feels good to be ahead of the game on this. To see the bikes mentioned above, head down to one of our stores and speak to a member of our friendly staff. They’ll help you find the right bike for you, and you can learn all about the environmental innovations Specialized have made over the past year to truly make 2021 the year of the bicycle.

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