Men's Body Geometry Sport Gel Long Finger Gloves

From £27.00

The Specialized Body Geometry Sport Gel Long Finger Gloves offer comfort and performance for cyclists focused on enjoyment. Featuring gel pads for less hand fatigue and touchscreen-compatible fingertips. Made with synthetic suede and Body Geometry Sport Gel padding. Fabric content includes polyester, spandex, nylon, PU, and carbon.

Comfortable economical and performance-driven the Body Geometry Sport Long Finger gloves are the perfect first-choice for riders more focused on comfort and a good time than setting records on every ride. They feature strategically placed gel pads throughout the palm with additional foam padding in key contact areas. This combination ensures that you'll experience minimal hand fatigue from vibration so you get more comfort and less pain. And lastly phone use is a non-issue as the fingertips are designed to be touchscreen-compatible.