S-Works Evade 3


The Specialized S-Works Evade 3 is a top-tier aerodynamic road helmet with enhanced breathability. Completely reinvented for speed and cooling comfort. Features adjustable fit, improved ventilation, and MIPS technology for maximum safety. CPSC certified for age 5+.

The S-Works Evade 3, by Specialized, is the most aerodynamic road helmet in the peloton. Now, it also offers improved breathability. This helmet has been completely reinvented, with a focus on cooling, making it the fastest choice for riders in all stages of a race.Through extensive testing using Computational Fluid Dynamics and the Win Tunnel, a rear ""diffuser"" was developed. This diffuser helps to minimize drag and improve ventilation. By allowing air to release easier, it optimizes the helmet's aerodynamic performance. Additionally, it draws in 10% more air at a given speed, enhancing ventilation.The Occipital Base Adjustment allows for personalized comfort. It can be adjusted to fit the shape of an individual's head, and the helmet angle can be modified to accommodate glasses.For added comfort, an adjustable Tri-Fix web system has been included. This system features updated, thinner 10mm webbing that reduces strap noise. The ultralight Mindset micro-dial fit system, which is ANGi-ready, has also been improved. It offers height adjustability and delivers a secure fit with enhanced grip and reaction for easy adjustments on the go.The S-Works Evade 3 incorporates the ultralight and supremely comfortable MIPS Node Air technology. This technology is integrated directly into the helmet padding. It includes a sleek low-friction layer that dissipates rotational forces. Specialized has added perforations to the padding, maximizing breathability, performance, comfort, and weight savings.Please note, this helmet sold in the U.S. and Canada complies with the U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older.

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