Roval Rapide CLX – Front

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Specialized presents the fastest all-around road wheels globally. The Rapide CLX wheelset merges aerodynamic excellence with light weight. With a carbon rim, 51mm depth, and 21mm internal width, this wheelset ensures maximum speed in real-world riding conditions. Ideal for climbing, aero efficiency, and stable handling. Built with quality components and a lifetime warranty.

Unleash your potential with our ultimate road wheels, the 'Rapide CLX Front' by Specialized. Fabled as the fastest all-around road wheels you could ever mount on your bike, the Rapide CLX is a true game-changer!

This state-of-the-art wheelset ingeniously marries the aerodynamic expertise drawn from our record-breaking CLX64, that dominated the UCI TT World Championship, with the feather-light touch and superior maneuverability of our eminent Polkadot-Jersey clinching CLX32.

What's the result, you ask? Well, the Rapide CLX is a trailblazing wheelset that brings you maximal speed in an array of real-world riding conditions. Boasting a formidable climbing performance and the aerodynamic efficiency of an unrivaled aero configuration. The handling is stable, confident, and unphased, no matter the wind conditions, promising you a ride that's as smooth as it's efficient.

Embrace the extra pace. Experience the unparalleled fluidity. Feel the road, taste the wind, chase the horizon. Choose 'Rapide CLX Front' by Specialized. After all, the world is quicker on a Specialized!

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Roval Warranty and Crash Replacement

We work obsessively to create wheels that make your ride better, but we don’t stop there. Because we know that **it happens (we’re riders, too), we have your back with a lifetime warranty and an amazing no-fault crash replacement policy.

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