2FO DH Clip Mountain Bike Shoes

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The Specialized 2FO DH Clip shoe is designed for speed and daring riders. Engineered with input from world-class DH athletes, this shoe offers protection, grip, and style. Featuring SlipNot FG rubber sole for top-notch pedal grip. Built to tackle rough terrain with confidence and comfort.

Indulge in exhilarating mountain biking experiences with the 2FO DH Clip Mountain Bike Shoes from the renowned brand, 'Specialized'. These shoes are designed for riders who go confidently above and beyond, whether you're tackling vertical trails, megatonical rock gardens, or enormous gap jumps. Developed in collaboration with world-leading DH athletes like world champion Loic Bruni, this shoe delivers a perfect blend of protection, hold, and style that boosts your confidence on even the most rugged terrains.

The highlight of this shoe has to be its state-of-the-art SlipNot™ FG rubber sole. This high-grade sole offers best-in-category pedal grip and connection, ensuring optimal performance even when the terrain becomes challenging.

The impressive list of features includes:

  • Body Geometry Technology: This feature, comprising of the Longitudinal Arch, Metatarsal Button, and Varus Wedge, optimizes hip, knee, and foot alignment while hiking efficiency and reducing the risk of injuries.
  • Reinforced Upper: The robust upper supports and protects the foot, enabling you to navigate tough terrains with confidence and ease.
  • XPEL™ Hydrophobic Mesh Construction: This ingenious design reduces water absorption and dramatically improves drying time, providing you with unsurpassed comfort during rides in wet conditions.
  • Stiff Lollipop™ Nylon Composite Plate: This component enhances pedal efficiency while ensuring off-the-bike comfort.
  • Extended Length Cleat Slot (4mm): This feature provides an option for rearward cleat setup.
  • Synthetic Leather Upper with Added Protection: This component not only assures comfort but also renders the shoe durable.
  • Cushioned EVA Foam Midsole: This midsole delivers enhanced comfort during long-duration rides.
  • Relaxed Fit: The shoe's relaxed fit strikes a perfect balance between pedal feel and off-the-bike comfort.
  • Universal Cleat Compatibility: The two-bolt cleat pattern fits all major mountain pedals, offering unrivaled versatility.

Unleash your inner adventurer with the 2FO DH Clip Mountain Bike Shoes!

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