S-Works Recon Lace Gravel Shoes

From £150.00

Discover the new Specialized S-Works Recon Lace shoes for gravel riding. A fusion of timeless style and cutting-edge Body Geometry features for efficiency and comfort. Stiff FACT carbon plate, PadLock™ heel, SlipNot™ rubber tread, and roomy toe box. Ideal for all terrain.

Introducing the Specialized S-Works Recon Lace Gravel Shoes, expertly designed to meet the demands of any gravel road. Crafted with the unparalleled quality that Specialized is renowned for, these shoes ensure a top-notch cycling experience every time.

These shoes offer not just style, but also performance and comfort. Feel the excellence of Specialized's Body Geometry features, unique design aspects that ensure ergonomics and efficiency, cradling your foot to provide stability in critical areas. With every pedal stroke, experience a powerful push forward, enhancing your overall drive as you navigate the gravel paths.

The high-durability of these shoes is thanks to Specialized's commitment to using only top-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. This guarantees that your Recon Lace Gravel Shoes can withstand the rigours of harsh trails and long rides, keeping you moving without fail.

Designed with a timeless look, the S-Works Recon Lace Gravel Shoes will not only boost your performance but will also make an aesthetic statement. Stand out from the crowd with these exceptional shoes, leaving everyone you pass by on the trail asking, ""What shoes are those?""

Experience the difference of quality with the Specialized S-Works Recon Lace Gravel Shoes. Your ultimate must-have for all gravel pavement adventures. Don't just ride, excel with Specialized.

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