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Recon 2.0 Mountain Bike Shoes


Cast Blue/Blue Lagoon/Brassy Yellow
Dark Moss Green/Oak Green
Taupe/Dark Moss Green

Available Sizes:

Part No. 61522-1139

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Just because winning an XC World Cup isn’t on your to-do list doesn’t mean you don’t value performance and comfort. Recon 2.0 is your shoe. Inspired by S-Works Recon with Body Geometry comfort and efficiency Recon 2.0 puts all that performance within easy reach.

Using our exclusive STRIDE toe-flex technology the nylon outsole uses a TPU injected forefoot for natural movement off-bike while still providing a stiffness index of 6.0 for in the saddle performance. We’ve also lifted the heel for an even more natural feeling while walking.

To create traction off the bike in wet or dry gravel or dirt we’ve covered the nylon outsole with our SlipNot compound. If the traction's needed in the wet you can also rest easy knowing the XPEL mesh used through the Recon 2.0 won’t get bogged down with water and will dry exceptionally quickly. No more wet shoes the morning after a wet ride.

An L6-Snap Boa and a Velcro forefoot closure ensure micro-adjustable comfort with a secure fit designed for all-day comfort and performance whether your ride calls for open gravel twisting single track and even more than your fair share of hike-a-bike.

  • Body Geometry sole and footbed are built with purpose and backed by science to boost power, increase efficiency, and reduce the chance of injury by optimizing hip, knee, and foot alignment.
  • Injection STRIDE toe-flex technology allows for natural toe movement off-bike but remains stiff for pedaling: Stiffness index 6.0
  • Welded upper reduces seams for superior step-in comfort.
  • BOA® L6-Snap dials for on-the-fly micro-adjustment.
  • SlipNot™ rubber tread for confident traction on all terrain.
  • Two-bolt cleat pattern fits all major MTB pedals.
  • Approximate weight: 357g (1/2 pair, Size 42)

SizeColourPart NumberAvailability
49Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-1049Out of Stock
48Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-1148Out of Stock
48Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-1048Out of Stock
47Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-1147In Stock
47Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-1047Out of Stock
47Cast Blue/Blue Lagoon/Brassy Yellow61522-1147Out of Stock
46Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-1146In Stock
46Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-1046Out of Stock
45.5Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-11455Out of Stock
45.5Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-10455Out of Stock
45Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-1145In Stock
45Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-1045In Stock
45Cast Blue/Blue Lagoon/Brassy Yellow61522-1145In Stock
44.5Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-11445Out of Stock
44.5Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-10445Out of Stock
44Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-1144In Stock
44Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-1044Out of Stock
43.5Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-11435Out of Stock
43.5Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-10435Out of Stock
43Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-1143In Stock
43Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-1043In Stock
42.5Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-11425Out of Stock
42.5Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-10425Out of Stock
42Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-1142Out of Stock
42Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-1042In Stock
41.5Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-11415Out of Stock
41.5Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-10415Out of Stock
41Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-1141Out of Stock
41Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-1041Out of Stock
40.5Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-11405Out of Stock
40.5Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-10405Out of Stock
40Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-1140Out of Stock
40Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-1040Out of Stock
39.5Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-10395Out of Stock
39Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-1139Out of Stock
39Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-1039Out of Stock
38.5Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-10385Out of Stock
38Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-1138Out of Stock
38Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-1038Out of Stock
37Taupe/Dark Moss Green61523-1137Out of Stock
37Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-1037Out of Stock
36Dark Moss Green/Oak Green61523-1036Out of Stock

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