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Making a jacket that does one thing well is pretty easy. Making a jacket that does one thing perfectly is pretty hard. And making a jacket that does everything exceptionally is next to impossible. Well you could say that we specialize in the impossible because our new Deflect™ Reflect Hybrid Jacket flawlessly performs a bevy of duties from protection to visibility. Starting with protection it's made from our wind- and water-resistant Deflect™ material. This fabric is extremely lightweight and breathable so you won't ever experience that rainforest feeling in high humidity conditions. But if things do start to heat up while you're throwing down the watts we've included two front vents a large back vent and laser perforated exhaust points throughout the jacket. To keep water out the jacket also features adjustable wrist seals a zipper garage at the collar a drop tail to deflect road-spray and an adjustable drawcord hem. We've also designed this jacket to be extremely versatile and to complement this the sleeves are made to be completely removable. This way you're able to wear it as a jacket when it's pouring and then zip off the sleeves and stow them away after you catch a break in the weather. Now to tackle the "reflect" portion of the title this jacket features a Schoeller® fabric with 3M® reflective technology that takes millions of microscopic glass beads and permanently seals them to the fabric structure. As you can imagine this feature will increase your visibility to others on the road when it encounters light. And better yet this benefit will not wash out over time.

  • Deflectâ„¢ is a stretch woven fabric that's wind-resistant, water-resistant, and highly breathable. It's also been given a 3M® reflective laminate that will increase your visibility to motorists in low-light conditions.
  • Two front vents and one welded zippered back pocket increase ventilation and comfort, while also providing a secure place to store your ride essentials and electronics.
  • Removable sleeves convert the jacket to a vest, increasing the versatility of its usage in varying conditions.
  • Laser-perforated venting subtly and effectively ventilates the jacket to create a consistent microclimate that's free from large spikes in heat under effort.
  • Wrist seals prevent wind and water from creeping up at the arm openings.
  • Adjustable drawcord hem allows you to block-out the elements and dial-in the fit of the jacket.
  • High-visibility drop tail blocks wheel-spray, while also increasing your visibility to others in low-light conditions.
  • DeflectUV 50+ protects the skin against harmful UV rays.
  • Standard Fit is generous and comfortable, while allowing ample room to layer underneath.

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