Ground Control Control 2Bliss Ready T5


The Specialized Ground Control 2Bliss Ready T5 tyre offers versatile performance from XC races to trails. Features Block-In-Block design for speed and traction, GRIPTON T5 compound, and a durable Control casing. Available in various sizes.

The Ground Control Control 2Bliss Ready T5 uses an extremely versatile tread pattern which can be used from cross country race to trail it rolls fast with exceptional amounts of confidence and grip. Our Block-In-Block design uses a taller adaptable inner block to pierce the ground and claw for traction. The larger outer structure supports the inner block for additional speed traction support and stable handling. The Control casing is our light and durable do it all XC construction. To top off this build we use our fastest rolling race ready T5 compound with excellent wear and tear protection.