Renegade Control 2Bliss Ready T7




29 x 2.35

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The Specialized Renegade tyre is ideal for speed, climbing and performance. With Block-In-Block design for traction, stability and fast-rolling capabilities. Choose between T5, T7 or T5/T7 compounds. 29x2.35", 645g weight.

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The Renegade is perfect for fast accelerations climbing in hard-pack terrain and podium finishes. Our fastest-rolling cross-country tread receives an elevated shoulder height to confidently carry speed through turns. Our Block-In-Block design uses a taller adaptable inner block to pierce the ground and claw for traction. The larger outer structure supports the inner block for additional speed traction support and stable handling. Choose between our fast rolling T5 grippy trail T7 or our cross-country race ready dual T5/T7 compounds for the perfect tire in any condition.