Air Tool MTB Pump



Part No. 4721-3000


We've built this pump for precise pressure control in low pressure; high volume tires to keep you prepared for all that the trail challenges you with.

The large volume design pushes more air per pump and the Stainless locking lever head can convert between Schrader and Presta for easy and versatile use. You'll also find the plunger locks into the body with a quick twist for a secure storage.

Even better, we've added a water bottle boss mount for easy storage and the all-aluminium shaft, handle and chamber keep the pump strong and durable. Max pressure of 80PSI and a volume per stroke of 78cc.

This is a greatly useful pump that'll get you riding again quicker but without being an annoyance to carry.

  • Larger volume body for pushing more air.
  • Stainless locking lever head converts to Schrader or Presta for easy use on all bikes.
  • Plunger locks to body chamber with a simple twist for secure storage.
  • Overlapping, locking handle for compact size and efficiency.
  • Water bottle boss mount included.
  • All-aluminum shaft, handle, and chamber for durable performance.
  • Max pressure: (80 PSI 5.5bar)
  • Volume per stroke: 78cc

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