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Enhance your cycling experience with the Specialized Seat Collar Rack for easy installation of standard rack stays. Crafted from durable aluminium with threaded inserts for direct bolt-on. Ideal for a sleek and practical bike storage solution.

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Extend the functionality of your bicycle with the Specialized Rear Rack Seat Collar. Designed by renowned bike brand, Specialized, this essential accessory allows you to add a storage rack to your bike effortlessly, even if it doesn't come with default rack mounts. This practical feature enhances your riding experience, providing ample space for carrying your essentials on extended trips.

The rear rack seat collar marries a clean, minimalist design with superior functionality. Primarily crafted from premium-quality, lightweight aluminium, it ensures longevity and resists corrosion even under continuous exposure to harsh outdoor conditions. The result is a reliable and sturdy addition to your bicycle that will stand the test of time.

Featuring easy-to-use threaded inserts, this seat collar allows you to bolt the stays directly into it. This approach reduces complexity in setup and ensures a consistent, reliable hold, enhancing both your bicycle's utility and its aesthetic appeal.

Suitable for cyclists of all levels, the Specialized Rear Rack Seat Collar is a key component that certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. Expand your bike's storage options, and enjoy the freedom to embark on longer journeys with all your essentials tightly secured. Transform your standard bike into a versatile road companion today!

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