Special Eyes Purist MoFlo 22oz

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Take a ride back to 1974 with Specialized. Limited edition Special Eyes bottle with Purist MoFlo technology offers a glass-like finish, no stains or aftertaste, and makes every sip feel refreshing. Grab a piece of history today!

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Sometimes we need to reflect on where this wild journey began nearly 50 years ago in 1974. Fresh from the vault, this unique design was created during our early days and now we've revived it for today's cyclists. Get your hands on one of these limited-edition Special Eyes bottles and own a piece of Specialized history.

The Purist MoFlo Bottle showcases an amorphous silicon dioxide coating that's integrated into the inner wall of the bottle. This creates a glass-like finish, offering a natural and inert solution to prevent drinks from staining the bottle or leaving any aftertaste. It also ensures that your water remains fresh without any plastic taste, even on scorching hot days, giving you the sensation of drinking from a pristine glass.