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Introducing the epitome of speed and precision - the SHIV from Specialized. Crafted with a relentless pursuit of performance, our triathlon bikes are designed to conquer the most demanding courses, helping athletes achieve their personal bests.

At the heart of every Specialized triathlon bike is cutting-edge aerodynamics. Our engineers employ wind tunnel testing to refine the frame shapes, minimizing air resistance and maximizing efficiency. The result? A ride that slices through the wind like a knife, allowing you to save precious energy for the run.

When it comes to comfort, we understand the importance of finding your perfect fit. Our bikes feature adjustable cockpit components, ensuring a tailored riding position for maximum power output and comfort during long races. And with our Body Geometry technology, you can count on unmatched ergonomics for reduced fatigue.

Our bikes are equipped with top-tier drivetrains and wheels, providing seamless gear transitions and blistering acceleration. The lightweight yet robust frames deliver the stiffness needed for optimal power transfer, making every pedal stroke count.

In summary, the SHIV represents the pinnacle of performance and innovation. Whether you're a seasoned triathlete chasing podium finishes or a newcomer to the sport, our bikes are the ultimate tool to help you conquer the race against the clock. Race smarter, ride faster, and achieve your personal best.

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