Women's Body Geometry Sport Gel Short Finger Gloves


The 'Specialized' Women?s Body Geometry Sport Gel Gloves offer comfort and performance for female cyclists. With strategic gel pads and foam padding, these gloves reduce hand fatigue. The synthetic suede palm provides durability and grip. Breathable mesh and a Velcro® closure add to the appeal. Ideal for a comfortable ride every time.

Experience the perfect union of comfort and control with the 'Specialized Women's Body Geometry Sport Gloves', your ideal companions for any bike ride. Designed with the discerning female cyclist in mind, these gloves are more about maximising your enjoyment on the bike than breaking records or chasing personal bests.

Made with the aim to reduce hand fatigue, 'Specialized' has thoughtfully placed gel pads throughout the palm of these gloves. Nodules of additional foam padding have been placed in key contact areas to further soften the impact of the ride. This innovative approach ensures that the vibration from the trails is absorbed in the glove, rather than your hand, so discomfort and fatigue won't cut your ride short.

Riders will also appreciate the meticulous attention to detail that 'Specialized' has committed to these gloves - quality materials, comfortable wrist opening, and a subtle aesthetic that matches both your bike and your riding style. They are an essential accessory for any level of rider looking to enhance their cycling experience.

With the 'Specialized Women's Body Geometry Sport Gloves', say goodbye to discomfort and hello to prolonged, enjoyable rides filled with fun and freedom.

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