Men's RBX Softshell Jacket

From £60.00

Introducing the Specialized RBX Softshell Jacket, ideal for changing weather conditions. Wind and water-resistant with three back pockets, this jacket keeps you warm and prepared on the road. Fabric composition: FRONT 88% Polyester, 12% Polyurethane - OTHER: 84% Polyamide, 16% Elastane.

Introducing the Men's RBX Softshell Jacket from the renowned brand Specialized. This high-performance jacket is the perfect gear for every cyclist navigating through the ever-changing British weather. With its smart design specifically aimed at providing the ideal balance of protection, comfort and flexibility, it is tailor-made for every cycling enthusiast.

The RBX Softshell Jacket boasts an exceptionally stretchy fabric. Such flexibility caters to your need for mobility, allowing you to perform your best in any cycling stance, whether you’re sprinting to the finish line or cruising uphill. Plus, the jacket's wind and water-resistant features serve as a reliable barrier against unpredictable weather, ensuring your ride remains smooth and focused.

Designed especially for those less-than-perfect days, the Men's RBX Softshell Jacket has weather adaptability in-built. The jacket performs not only in extreme weather conditions but is a standout when it comes to the 'in-between' temperatures - that shoulder season where it's neither burning hot nor freezing cold. It's where this jacket steps up, providing a pleasantly comfortable and warm layer that enhances your on-road experience and enables you to remain committed to your passion for cycling, irrespective of the climate.

In a nutshell, the Men's RBX Softshell Jacket by Specialized keeps you warm, comfortable, and protected — three must-haves for every cyclist to conquer the road! Explore how this jacket optimally equips you to face the elements - because we know that for true riders, season or weather, is never a barrier!

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