Women's Prime Wind Vest


Discover the Specialized Women's Prime Wind Vest, the ultimate choice for your ride. Windproof front, breathable back, and packable design make it a must-have. Stay stylish and comfortable on every journey.

The perfect attire for an ideal ride, that's what our Prime Series is all about. The best fabrics, constructions, and technologies are utilised in these pieces, and the Women's Prime Wind Vest by Specialized is no exception.This wind vest features a front fabric that is fully windproof, with partial elasticity at the waist and shoulders. Additionally, the back is made of a breathable mesh to prevent overheating while keeping the chill off your chest. The vest is easily zip and unzip with a VISLON® zipper, making it convenient for both hot climbs and cool descents.Furthermore, the Prime Wind Vest has been designed to be lightweight and packable, ensuring that it can be easily stored in a jersey pocket with extra space. With its superior functionality and comfort, this vest is an essential piece for any cyclist.