Demo Pro Pants

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When it's time for an adrenaline-fueled ride, look no further than our Specialized Demo Pro Pants. Made from durable VaporRizeTM fabric with laser perforated venting for comfort. Water-repellant and adjustable for a perfect fit. Ideal for all-year riding.

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Ignite your off-road experiences with the ultimate pair of Demo Pro Pants from Specialized. These trail-taming trousers provide the perfect combination of strength, breathability, and comfort for all your biking adventures.

Crafted out of a sturdy, woven variant of our incredibly lightweight and ultra-breathable VaporRize™ fabric, these pants are designed for durability and comfort in equal measures. Despite being tough enough to withstand multiple spills on the track, their breathability is second to none. The fabric's unique construction promotes ventilation and heat regulation, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable ride after ride.

The Demo Pro Pants boast laser-perforated venting which is masterfully designed to shed excessive heat. Unlike typical mesh fabric, this feature enhances the pants' overall strength, meaning they're built to last, even on the most challenging of trails.

The design of these pants allows ample room for you to pair them with body armour and pads. Furthermore, they come with adjustable waist tabs, ensuring a snug fit even when the pockets are full. To round-off, these trousers are treated with a water-repellent solution, making them ideal for both summer shreds and winter rides.

The Specialized Demo Pro Pants - Tailored for performance, designed for durability and styled for adventurers.

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