2FO ClipLite Mountain Bike Shoes

From £90.00

The Specialized 2FO ClipLite MTB Shoes offer precision fit and unmatched pedal input for on-trail control, with BOA® Li2 dials for micro-adjustment. Cushioned midsole and SlipNot™ sole for comfort and grip on the trails. Ideal for all-day riding comfort and style.

Introducing the Specialized 2FO ClipLite Mountain Bike Shoes, ultimate footwear for the adventurous riders among us. The perfect blend of comfort, protection, and connection, these shoes are designed for thrilling enduro racing and challenging trail rides.

As an ultra-light version of the widely-admired 2FO Clip, the 2FO ClipLite shines when you're pushing your limits. The meticulously designed Landing Strip cleat pocket ensures smooth pedal entry and exit, transforming your ride into a seamless experience of speed and precision.

These shoes equip you to tackle aggressive descents without jeopardising your climb back to the top. With a design centred around an uncompromising 'foot out, flat out' philosophy, the 2FO ClipLite offers an unmatched riding experience without adding unnecessary weight. It's mountain biking on another level - go beyond the ordinary and unleash your potential with the exceptional 2FO ClipLite from Specialized.

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