Recon 3.0 Mountain Bike Shoes

From £135.00

The Specialized Recon 3.0 merges legendary performance with comfort and style for XC and gravel riders. With innovative features like Carbon STRIDE toe-flex technology, XPEL Mesh for water shedding, SlipNot compound for traction, and dual Boa closures for a secure fit, this shoe is perfect for all-day adventures off-road. Built for power transfer and comfort, it's also lightweight and dries quickly. Ideal for both in-saddle speed and off-bike performance.

Experience the unbeatable performance of the Recon 3.0 Mountain Bike Shoes, designed by 'Specialized' for serious off-road adventurers. Ideal for gravel and XC riders, these shoes incorporate state-of-the-art features inspired by Specialized's S-Works Recon line. These include incredible power transfer, style, light weight and most importantly, comfort.

The clever design keeps you just as quick when you're off your bike as you are when in the saddle. Boasting a Carbon STRIDE toe-flex, comprised of a carbon outsole minimalist with a glass fiber forefoot, these shoes deliver an impressive stiffness index of 10.0. This also allows for your foot's natural movement when you're not riding, making them perfect for run-ups on the cyclocross course or post-ride refreshment stops.

The shoes are designed with XPEL Mesh which promotes a comfortable fit and quickly sheds water. Additionally, this design feature ensures the shoes remain lightweight and dry incredibly quickly. Meanwhile, the SlipNot compound provides full rubber coverage for maximum off-bike traction on any surface. Open treads allow for easy mud ejection, enabling you to tackle the muddiest terrain with confidence.

To guarantee comfort and performance throughout your ride, the Recon 3.0 Mountain Bike Shoes include Dual L6-Snap Boas and a Forefoot Velcro closure. These allow for a precise and secure fit, no matter how challenging your ride. Whether you're navigating gravel, twisting single tracks, or you find yourself carrying your bike, be prepared for anything with the Recon 3.0.

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