S-Works Torch

From £350.00

Specialized S-Works Torch cycling shoe is engineered using data science and Body Geometry for optimal fit and performance. Lightweight, power-enhancing, and comfortable with a focus on foot shape diversity. Ideal for efficient power transfer and comfort on long rides.

Explore a new level of cycling performance with the Specialized S-Works Torch - built for those who demand cutting-edge technology, superior comfort and peak efficiency. This high-performance cycling shoe has been innovatively crafted using Body Geometry principles and data science, ensuring a thoughtful construction that delivers an unprecedented feeling of natural comfort and energetic responsiveness.

Every detail of the S-Works Torch's upper has been meticulously designed to enhance fit and performance. Power-cycling is optimized by the strategically positioned BOA® cable, eliminating foot lift and unwelcome pressure, whilst ensuring power-enhancing structure. For added comfort, adaptive materials facilitate the shoe's natural movement, supported by data-driven zonal reinforcement that guarantees firm foot security for optimal power delivery and efficiency.

The S-Works Torch's design is informed by over 100,000 foot scans from the RETÜL fit data system. The advanced scanning technology suggested the use of both a standard and a wide carbon base plate, resulting in a cycling shoe that effortlessly accommodates a vast spectrum of foot shapes. The internal I-Beam addition significantly enhances stiffness and strength, dispensing with the need for extra bracing and reducing the shoe's weight by an impressive 20 grams.

RETÜL biomechanical data has also led to the creation of an asymmetric heel cup for this standout Specialized shoe. Supporting natural knee alignment and providing an incredible hold, this feature also greatly boosts comfort by offering additional room for the Achilles heel.

Whether you're a competitive cyclist or a dedicated enthusiast, the Specialized S-Works Torch promises an unforgettable ride. Designed for your feet to achieve superior cycling performance, while ensuring you stay comfortably ahead of the pack.

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