2FO Roost Flat Syn Shoe


The 'Specialized' 2FO Roost shoes offer unmatched grip, durability and lightweight design. Featuring SlipNot™ soles for superior traction and pedal feel. With a synthetic upper and Airmesh padding, these shoes are comfortable, durable and quick-drying. Ideal for all your trail adventures.

The Specialized 2FO Roost Flat Syn Shoe excels in challenging environments and is perfect for mountain biking, downhill biking, or any aggressive trail riding you're up for. Its innovative SlipNot? sole ensures maximum control and grip on even the most challenging terrains, offering pedal confidence like no other. Designed to provide both traction and durability, these shoes will push your cycling experience to new limits.

The 2FO Roost Flat Syn Shoe features a fully synthetic upper, ensuring a lightweight design without compromising on quality or resilience. The Airmesh padding offers comfort and breathability, keeping your feet fresh during long rides.

Designed with the rider?s experience in mind, these shoes offer quick-drying properties ? an essential feature for tackling diverse outdoor environments. If you?re seeking a shoe that marries uncompromised performance, durability, and comfort with sleek design, the Specialized 2FO Roost Flat Syn Shoe is your ideal choice.

With the Specialized 2FO Roost Flat Syn Shoe, experience a thrilling ride without the worry of slipping pedals or uncomfortable feet. So, gear up, hit those trails, and elevate your biking game with the ultimate in cycling shoes.