Recon 3.0 Gravel & Mountain Bike Shoe


For top riders chasing KOM/QOM titles, podium spots, and speed, the Specialized Recon 3.0 Shoe delivers comfort, durability, and race-ready performance. Designed with Body Geometry for power and efficiency. Pump up your ride with this lightweight shoe from Specialized.

For KOM/QOM chasers, race podium challengers, and all devotees of speed, comfort, durability, and off-the-bike capability are essential when seeking an efficient race-ready shoe. The Recon 3.0, from the renowned brand Specialized, delivers scientifically proven performance benefits with Body Geometry.

  • A shoe that looks good, feels good, and is light yet capable can be hard to find, but not anymore.
  • Designed for speed, durability, and comfort, the Recon 3.0 is a close relative to its S-Works counterpart but now even lighter.

Body Geometry: Every Body Geometry shoe, including the Recon 3.0, is ergonomically designed and scientifically proven to enhance comfort, boost performance, and reduce the risk of injury for all riders. The patented technology can increase power by 7 watts - all backed by science.

Stride Technology: Stride technology allows flexibility in the outsole and upper around the toe box, coupled with a stiff cleat pocket. This design enables the shoe to flex easily when walking yet remains stiff and efficient during pedaling.

High Performance & Efficiency: Drawing inspiration from the top-tier S-Works Recon, the Recon 3.0 features cable routing, Boa dial placement, and carbon plate technology. The dual premium Li2 Boa Dials provide superior adjustability and fit, while the cable routing ensures a secure feel, minimizing any unwanted movement within the shoe. The carbon plate keeps the Recon 3.0 lightweight and stiff, facilitating optimal power transfer to the pedal - not to mention shedding 10 grams from the previous version.

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