Roval Alpinist SL Cockpit

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Specialized's Roval Alpinist Cockpit is a top performer at just 255g. With a classic design and modern features like internal cable routing, this bar/stem combo enhances speed and ride quality. Available in 10 sizes to fit any rider perfectly. Made of advanced carbon composite, compatible with major drivetrain brands and comes with optional computer mount.

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Engineered to blend performance and minimalism, the Roval Alpinist SL Cockpit by Specialized is designed to make every gram count. Its exceptionally lightweight build, tipping the scales at just 255 grams, promotes nimble climbing while enhancing overall acceleration and ride quality. This makes riding uphill efforts, whether in races or during high-speed riding, a breeze.

The design combines classical elegance with contemporary functionality. The Cockpit boasts a traditional round tube shape and bend, paying homage to time-tested forms, while a cutting-edge, optimised composite layup grants it a distinctly modern appeal. Also incorporated is internal cable routing, ensuring a clean, sleek look and reducing aerodynamic drag for a smooth, streamlined riding experience.

As versatile as it is efficient, the Roval Alpinist SL Cockpit comes in a range of 10 sizes. This guarantees a perfect fit for every rider and is sure to enhance your cycling endeavours, from casual rides to competitive racing. Experience the difference of precision engineering and design with the Roval Alpinist SL Cockpit.

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