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Keep your Specialized e-bike running smoothly with this service kit for Brose mid-drive motors. Each kit includes o-ring seals and blind plugs. Replace annually for optimal performance. Use NyoGel 760G for installation. Kit contains various o-rings and plugs for complete maintenance.

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Service kit to replace the o-ring seals and blind plugs on Brose mid-drive motors. One kit per motor.

  • Recommended that o-ring seals get replaced annually. Use one kit per motor service.
  • Use NyoGel 760G to lightly coat the outside of o-rings before installing plug into the appropriate motor socket.
  • Black Driveside Spindle O-Ring: Qty 1
  • Red Motor-to-Display Connector O-Rings: Qty 2
  • Green Motor-Battery Harness O-Rings: Qty 2
  • Red Speed Sensor O-Ring: Qty 1
  • Light Socket Blind Plugs: Qty 3

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