S-Works Phenom with Mirror

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Renowned for its long body and flat profile, the Specialized Phenom saddle is preferred by top racers like Kasper Asgreen and Loic Bruni. The S-Works Phenom with Mirror technology reduces pressure by 28% for enhanced comfort and performance.

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Experience the high performance and ultimate comfort offered by our flagship model, the S-Works Phenom with Mirror saddle by Specialized. Favored by esteemed riders, World DH Champion Loic Bruni and Tour of Flanders winner Kasper Asgreen, this saddle offers a design that's both ergonomic and scientifically proven to reduce pressure and enhance cycling experience.

Our pioneering approach to saddle construction, leveraging the Body Geometry methodology, acknowledges that every rider is unique. We understand the common challenges that cyclists face - sit bone pressure, scar tissue build-up, and blood flow loss. By employing advanced pressure mapping, blind comfort studies, and even penile blood flow analysis, we have crafted saddles that scientifically tackle these problems for both men and women.

The S-Works Phenom with Mirror provides tangible soft tissue relief. It boasts a concave shape and a highly flexible carbon shell, whilst its Mirror 3D printing utilises a staggering 20055 struts and 8735 nodes. This innovative design facilitates a 28% reduction in sit bone pressure compared to traditional foam saddles, as indicated by our ultra high-resolution pressure mapping.

Inspired by performance, the S-Works Phenom with Mirror has been tailored to enhance your power and position. Being the longest and flattest saddle in our range, it supports an array of positions and movements, allowing riders to shift effortlessly for intensive efforts and to comfortably manoeuvre in and out of the saddle on challenging climbs.

Choose the S-Works Phenom with Mirror saddle for a ride that moulds to your anatomy, proving that both comfort and performance can harmoniously coexist.

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