Turbo Creo 2 Comp E5

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Discover the latest range of Specialized electric road adventure bikes at unbeatable prices. Perfect for gravel terrain and long rides. Upgrade your cycling experience today!

Whether you're cruising through urban lanes or hitting off-road trails, the 'Turbo Creo 2 Comp E5' by 'Specialized' is your go-to companion. Blurring the lines between road and gravel, the Turbo Creo 2 delivers a multifaceted riding experience that adapts to your desired style and conditions. It boasts exceptional power, unmatched range, unrivalled lightness and immense tire clearance - this is beyond biking, this is about having it all.

  • Aluminium Construction: Constructed with E5 Alloy, lauded for its lightness and resilience, the Turbo Creo 2 can tackle all terrains and conditions, electrically. Technologies employed translate to a sturdier build capable of enduring the harshest of terrains you'll traverse.
  • Exceptional Power & Torque: The all-new Turbo SL 1.2 system churns out a phenomenal 320 Watts of power, a 33% increase from its predecessor, allowing you to conquer the steepest hills. It ensures a smooth, natural riding experience with an impressive 50Nm torque, delivered instantaneously and quietly.
  • Ample Tire Clearance: Gravel, dirt, asphalt — whatever your path may be, the Turbo Creo 2's 700 x 38c tires will handle it with ease. Large tires provide a smoother, more confident ride, easily adapts to rough terrains.
  • Future Shock 3.0: Integrated with Future Shock 3.0 technology, the Turbo Creo 2 offers 20mm of travel at the handlebars, reducing impacts and smoothing out your ride, and ensuring your comfort on lengthy journeys.
  • Optimized Geometry: The Turbo Creo 2's geometry instills confidence in all types of terrains - from wide-open roads to challenging gravel tracks. A more ergonomic endurance position keeps you comfortable enough to ride all day.
  • Load Capacity: Need to carry some cargo? The Turbo Creo 2 can accommodate a variety of front, rear, and low-rider racks, ensuring you'll never have to leave anything behind.
  • Intuitive Control: The Turbo Creo 2 comes with an advanced e-bike control unit, connecting the bike, Turbo OS, and the Specialized App. This gives you real-time control over power output levels, helping you manage your range and performance.
  • MasterMind TCU: Acting as the brain of the bike, the MasterMind TCU (Turbo Control Unit) provides all the crucial information about your ride. It enables real-time tuning of support levels, integrates with the Specialized app for advanced tuning, allows over-the-air updates, and provides on-trail diagnostics.
  • Specialized App: Personalize your motor characteristics, record your rides, track your statistics and even secure your bike against theft with the Specialized App and the new Turbo System Lock.

So why wait? Blaze new trails and redefine your riding experience with the Turbo Creo 2 Comp E5 by Specialized.

Lifetime warranty* to the original owner against structural defects in material or workmanship on ALL models of Specialized-branded frames and forks

  • Includes seatstays and chainstays on full-suspension bikes
  • Does not include suspension forks and suspension parts
  • Does not include paint and graphics (these are covered below)

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