November 2023

Supacaz Orbitron Pedal Recall

Based on warranty reports from the field, we are working with Supacaz to voluntarily recall all Supacaz Orbitron pedals sold to Specialized riders. Even though this is a Supacaz product and is not designed or manufactured by Specialized, you can work directly with us and/or your Authorized Specialized Retailer for any pedals we sold to you. This is a follow-up communication to the stop ride / stop sale notice we issued earlier as we have now obtained the necessary government approvals. 

A multicolored pedals with screws

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AFFECTED PRODUCT: Supacaz Orbitron – CNC Alloy flat pedals. The Specialized SKU is 09122-3300. Specialized only sold the oilslick-colored pedals.

REASON FOR THIS RECALL: Based on warranty reports, the pedal body may detach from the pedal spindle and/or the pedal spindle may break, posing a fall hazard.

WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I HAVE AN AFFECTED PEDAL: We asked you earlier to please stop riding this pedal. You can now bring them back to the Authorized Specialized Retailer you purchased them from. You will receive a full refund of the applicable purchase price upon return of the pedals.


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