We offer bike fitting in store, our experienced fitters have completed thousands of bike fits on casual riders right through to professional athletes.

We use Body Geometry Fit technology and protocol, as well as best bike fitting tools on the market from RETÜL.

Bike fitting is recommended for riders who use clip-on pedals, it will make you feel at one with your bike, increase comfort, efficiency, and reduce injuries. It will also give you confidence to choose the right size frame and components.

A typical bike fit takes around 2-3 hours and will help with common problems like back/neck pain, knee pain, numb hands, feet, and saddle discomfort. 

After a bike fit you will receive a report with your new measurements that you will be able to use with any bicycle. You may need to do check ups when changing components or your physical shape changes.

Full bike fit (3 hours) £250

Check-up (1-1.5 hours)  £100-150

Cleat fit (30 minutes, if you have had a bike fit with us previously) £50

Also we offer gift certificates.

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Starting with a pre-fit physical assessment, your fitter will take into account your body’s limitations, previous injuries and pains, and your goals on the bike.


From there, the fitter will have you get on the bike (either your existing bike or fit bike) to place LED markers on 8 anatomical points of your body which will be tracked by the Retül Vantage Motion Capture system. The Retül Vantage system is used to collect real-time, three-dimensional data from each pedal stroke creating a dynamic fit experience.


The real-time data is compiled into the Retül fit software so that the fitter can look at the numbers and dial you into your perfect riding position. 


Once you and your fitter have dialed in your final bike position, the fitter will create a digital map of your final bike set up using the Retül Zin tool. The bike data and Zin tool measurements are generated into a complete fit report that you can reference at any time after the fit.