We offer a huge range of workshop services from bike repairs, full bike services, to wheel building and full custom builds. So whether you own a road, mountain, hybrid or E-bike we can keep your bike maintained so you can focus on the riding.


At our Service Centre we offer a great range of services for all your cycling needs.

Safety Check

(1000 miles)

  1. Handlebars, stem and saddle checked, aligned and set to correct torque
  2. Bolt Thu’s and QRs checked and tightened
  3. Tires checked and inflated
  4. Cranks and pedals checked and tightened to correct torque
  5. Chain checked for wear and lubricated
  6. Gears adjusted
  7. Brakes checked and adjusted
  8. All bearings checked for play and adjusted
  9. Test ride


Annual Service

(2000-4000 miles)

  1. Everything included in the Safety check
  2. Chain and Cassette removed, cleaned and lubricated/replaced (Parts not included)
  3. Chainset cleaned and lubricated/replaced (Parts not included)
  4. Wheels tensioned and trued
  5. Frame and forks wiped down

(Hydraulic brake bleeding £20.00 per brake extra)


Full Service

(4000+ miles)

  1. Everything included in the Safety check and Annual Service
  2. Frame and Forks detailed and inspected for correct alignment
  3. Brakes bled (if required), aligned and discs inspected/straightened
  4. Bottom bracket removed, cleaned and re-greased
  5. Headset removed, cleaned and re-greased
  6. Installation of any additional parts required in service (Parts not included)
  7. Tubeless sealant topped up (if required)
  8. Dropper seatpost adjusted cleaned and lubricated 
  9. Suspension stations cleaned and lubricated


E-Bike Service Optional Extra (£40.00 extra on any above service levels)

  1. Run a full diagnostic on the Motor and batter using Turbo Studio 2.0
  2. Update the motor and battery to latest firmware
  3. Clean, detail and add protective ‘E-Bike Ultra Corrosion defence’ on all connections.