What is Body Geometry Fit?

The purpose of a Body Geometry bike fit is to make you more comfortable and more efficient on your bike - ultimately meaning you can ride faster and for longer!

Our purpose-built Body Geometry Fit studio at Specialized Concept Store Nottingham offers a dedicated space for a relaxed fit experience - all the technology and tools needed for a fit session are found here. We are proud to be one of a select group of UK retailers offering the new Retül Vantage three-dimensional motion-tracking tool on a Retül dynamic fit bike, which now takes the experience of a bike fit to a whole new level.

If you cycle regularly, you can benefit from our bespoke Bike Fit service. The concept of tuning your bike is popular with competitive cyclists, but our service is just as relevant if you enjoy hitting the trails on your mountain bike, commuting to work or touring the countryside. Our team of fitters are fully trained to offer you the best and most comprehensive, personalised Bike Fit.

When should I get a bike fit?

Whether you're buying your first bike, upgrading to a faster ride or setting new goals, a Bike Fit session is a most worthwhile investment.

For the first-time buyer, understanding the measurements of your body and how that relates to the correct bike position set-up is crucial. If you can select a bike that better fits you from the very beginning, your foray into the world of cycling will be much more efficient and enjoyable. We can adjust our Retül bike to the exact configuration of any bike that you are considering, and allow you to feel the characteristics of a number of bikes in one sitting.

If you're looking to upgrade your ride, or increase your training volume or intensity, a proper bike fitting is a wise investment. In addition to the bike fit service on our Retül bike, we will analyse your performance on your own bike, or any bike that you are considering to purchase. This will help maximise the efficiency and power of your riding, and reduce the chances of injury if you are adapting to a new training programme.

Retül Body Geometry Custom Footbeds

Replacing the footbeds in your shoes is often overlooked, but this simple change can increase both power and endurance on the bike. Thanks to a brand-new piece of in-store technology, Retül's Footbed vacuum moulding tray, we can now create custom footbeds in less than 45 minutes, helping to align your knees, hips and feet and add support to the arch of your foot.

Retül have combined this process with Specialized Body Geometry insoles to create the perfect customised cycling footbed, allowing you to feel the benefit in terms of comfort, support and power transfer. This process works seamlessly with a full Retül Vantage 3D motion capture fit, or can be performed as a standalone process.

Our services & pricing

Retül Vantage Body Geometry Fit - £200

Retül Body Geometry Custom footbeds - £95

To find out more contact us on 0115 978 3876, or book your fit here.

Our Bike Fitting team

Phil Craddock, Expert Bike Fitter

As Rutland Cycling's first bike fitter, Phil has extensive experience of bike fit, from novice/beginner to pro riders, focusing on rider stability and performance gains. A keen road cyclist, Phil has 30+ years' experience of road, track and TT racing at national level, and draws on his skills and experience to empower riders, improving performance and comfort and helping them to ride further and ultimately faster.