S-Works Evade 3

From £250.00

The Specialized S-Works Evade 3 is a top-tier aerodynamic road helmet with enhanced breathability. Completely reinvented for speed and cooling comfort. Features adjustable fit, improved ventilation, and MIPS technology for maximum safety. CPSC certified for age 5+.

Slice through the air with ease and stay cool while doing it, with the cutting-edge Specialized S-Works Evade 3 bike helmet. Engineered for top performance, it's not just the most aerodynamic helmet in the market, but also offers enhanced ventilation, making it the optimal choice for any race type.

  • Pioneered through intensive Computational Fluid Dynamics and Win Tunnel testing, ensuring a top-of-the-line aerodynamic design.
  • Features a rear diffuser that cleverly minimises drag and boosts ventilation.
  • Optimised to improve your overall aerodynamic performance throughout your ride.

Comfort and fit haven't been compromised in the pursuit of speed. With the Occipital Base Adjustment, the Specialized S-Works Evade 3 provides a tailored fit to accommodate any head shape. Additionally, the helmet angle can be adjustable to accommodate glasses, enhancing ride comfort.

  • Employs MIPS Node Air technology - ultralight yet supremely comfortable. This is integrated directly into the helmet padding.
  • Specialized proprietary development contributes to added breathability and weight savings, keeping your head cool and reducing strain during long rides.

For our riders in the U.S. and Canada, you'll be pleased to know that the Specialized S-Works Evade 3 complies with the U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older.

Saddle up and experience the cutting-edge aerodynamics, exceptional breathability, and peerless comfort offered by the new standard in biking headgear - the Specialized S-Works Evade 3 helmet.

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