Men's Mountain Liner Bib Shorts with SWAT™

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Upgrade your trail rides with Specialized Mountain Liner Bib Shorts with SWAT™. Featuring 5 integrated pockets to keep essentials secure. Crafted from ultra-light VaporRize™ mesh for ultimate comfort. Shop now for a sweat-free adventure.

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You may claim to have affection for your backpack, but the prominent perspiration mark on your back suggests otherwise. It is time to transport your essentials in a more sensible manner - with our Specialized Mountain Liner Bib Shorts with SWAT™.These innovative shorts feature a unique design, boasting five integrated SWAT™ pockets. These pockets are seamlessly incorporated into the shorts, ensuring that their contents remain secure and do not bounce out. The pockets come in various sizes and locations, catering to all your storage needs, whether big or small.The shorts themselves are exceptional, designed to be worn on their own or paired with the convenient pockets. Crafted from our ultra-lightweight VaporRize™ mesh fabrics, they offer unparalleled comfort and breathability. With a 9.5-inch inseam (size Medium), they are perfectly suited for layering with other garments. Choose the Specialized Mountain Liner Bib Shorts with SWAT™ and say goodbye to unsightly sweat stains and hello to practical and stylish trail attire.