Rime Flat Mountain Bike Shoe


For mountain bikers, climbers, and explorers, the 'Specialized' Rime Flat approach shoe is designed for both riding and hiking. The SlipNot SuperTacky rubber sole offers the perfect balance of grip. With Body Geometry technology for efficiency, flexibility for climbing, and a durable construction, these shoes are perfect for off-trail adventures.

Introducing the 'Rime Flat Mountain Bike Shoe' by Specialized, meticulously crafted for adventure seekers who enjoy the best of both riding and hiking. This multi-terrain bike shoe is perfect for anyone who ventures off the beaten path, offering exceptional proficiency and comfort regardless of the activity.

As part of Specialized's commitment to innovative design and groundbreaking technology, the Rime Flat flaunts the proprietary SlipNot™ SuperTacky rubber sole. This exclusive development offers a harmonious blend of pedal grip and ground traction, ensuring that every ride is both secure and exhilarating.

In true Specialized fashion, the Rime Flat doesn't stop at improving your ride - it revolutionises your hike as well. With a flexible toe section ingeniously integrated into the design, this trail-approved shoe provides seamless ease when kick-climbing steep and loose terrains. Take a hike, take a ride, and elevate your outdoor adventures with the Rime Flat Mountain Bike Shoe.

It's time to embrace the journey with Specialized, where exceptional engineering meets adventurous spirit.

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