S-Works Romin EVO

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The Specialized S-Works Romin EVO saddle offers high performance with a lightweight design. Featuring a Body Geometry channel for blood flow and FACT carbon fibre shell. Available in 143mm (129g) and 155mm (133g) sizes. Ultimate comfort for competitive riders.

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Introducing the ultra-lightweight S-Works Romin EVO by Specialized, meticulously engineered to keep you in top form without compromising on comfort. A perfect blend of functionality and design, this high-performance road saddle is your best companion for a seamless race to the finish line.

The saddle is ergonomically contoured to put you in an optimal position for ensuring impressive power transfer. As you surge ahead of your competition, the S-Works Romin EVO guarantees unrivalled comfort. Specialized's innovative Body Geometry channel has been explicitly designed to assist in maximising blood flow during your ride.

Stay in a competitive, aerodynamic position while maintaining comfort effortlessly. The S-Works Romin EVO doesn't compromise with performance and allows you to adjust easily, ensuring you stay focused on the pace, not the pain.

Fitted with a FACT™ carbon fiber shell, medium-density Level 2 padding, and oversized carbon rails, this road saddle is geared up for unparalleled durability and convenience. It's undoubtedly a saddle that's prepared for anything, embodying ultimate riding sophistication.

Whether you're climbing steep trails or racing against time on flat terrains, the S-Works Romin EVO is crafted to handle everything brilliantly. So get ready to redefine your cycling experience with a saddle that complements your drive for excellence.

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