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The Specialized Bag is securely designed to fit under a saddle with SWAT™-compatible mounts. With compartments for CO2 valve head, road tube, tyre lever, and 16g CO2 cartridge. Water-resistant and lightweight. Perfect for storing essentials on rides.

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The Specialized Road Bandit is the epitome of refined practicality for the minimalist road rider. This brilliantly versatile product seamlessly blends simplicity and utility, thanks to its user-friendly design. Armed with a patent-pending Road Tube Spool, the Road Bandit is conveniently compact and easy to attach under your SWAT compatible saddle.

Enhanced with an unpretentious Velcro strap, the Road Bandit securely carries your tube, CO2 nozzle, and tire lever with utmost finesse. This means all your essentials are right at your fingertips when you need them the most. Facing a sudden flat issue on your ride? No problem. Just rip off the strap and you'll find everything you need, making bike maintenance an absolute breeze.

Precision-engineered by industry leaders Specialized, the Road Bandit is well-suited for avid road riders who understand the perfect balance between minimalism and practicality. This handy tool is more than just an accessory—it's your trusty companion that ensures you're prepared for unexpected challenges that come your way during your cycling adventures. Packed with practical features and with an accent on user-friendly application, the Specialized Road Bandit is indeed a road rider's best companion.

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