Flux 250R Taillight

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Serious road riders need serious visibility on the road. The Specialized Flux 250R taillight offers 250 lumens for visibility up to 1 mile in bright daylight. Invest in the best road bike technology with this super-bright taillight.

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Serious road riders put in serious miles. Most of those miles occur in the daytime when bright ambient conditions mean you need huge lumens numbers to be seen by motorists.

But there's no reason a super-bright taillight can't look the part on the fastest road bikes. You invest in the best road bike technology--you deserve an equally fast taillight.

Packing a huge punch with 250 lumens the Flux 250R taillight is visible at more than 1 mile (1.5 km) in the brightest daytime conditions. Here in Morgan Hill California we get those conditions all the time—this is the taillight we made for ourselves and for you.