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Stix Elite 2 Headlight

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The Specialized Stix Elite headlight is a powerful companion day or night. With 100 lumens at night and 200 lumens in the day, it ensures visibility and safety on the roads. Conveniently rechargeable with built-in USB. Up to 112 hours of runtime.

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Day or night the Stix Elite headlight packs a powerful punch. Running in Steady-High mode at night it delivers 100 lumens of focused strong and bright light to guide your way. It’s a true to-see-by headlight. During the day your visibility and safety becomes its first priority. Running in Power Flash mode this tiny package delivers 200 lumens-worth of “see me now” light making it a beacon for all road users. Depending on the chosen mode the Stix Elite will run for up to 112 hours and it’s easily charged via built-in USB tab which eliminates the need for a cable.

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Verified Purchase | 2020-08-28 23:40:43

Perfect so far. They last longer than my previous lights, they shine brighter and more than i expected, and are much smaller than I expected aswell. Really like the integrated USB bit, makes it simple to charge without needing a cable. Very happy with em. I'll have to see how they last in the winter months.