Air Tool Big Bore Pump




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Built for Fat and Semi Fat tyre bikes, the Specialized Big Bore pump delivers high volume and features a unique head for easy use with winter gloves. Ideal for off-road adventures.

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Designed for Fat and Semi Fat tire bikes, the Air Tool Big Bore Pump packs massive volume-per-stroke, and it features a head that still works with winter gloves on to make it perfect for backcountry winter fat biking.

  • Oversized press-on Schrader and Presta head won't accidentally remove valve cores and can be easily used with thick gloves.
  • Flexible hose attachment allows for aggressive pumping without fear of damaging valve stems.
  • Inverted barrel design allows for high volume in a compact size.
  • Coarse machined aluminum barrel for extra grip.
  • Water bottle boss mount with elastomer band included.
  • Max pressure: 50 PSI (3.5bar)
  • Volume-per-stroke: 90cc

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