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Get the reliable and versatile Specialized Air Tool Comp floor pump for accurate inflation. Dual-stage gauge suits mountain, road, and gravel tires. Fast and efficient, a must-have for every cyclist.

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Designed for discerning cyclists, the Specialized Air Tool Comp Floor Pump is a versatile and reliable cycling accessory that sets the industry standard. This high-performing floor pump becomes an integral part of your home workshop, offering you the convenience and functionality needed to swiftly get you back on your ride.

One of the standout features of this floor pump is the dual-stage pressure gauge. This unique feature ensures precise inflation for both mountain bike tyres that require low-pressure accuracy, and road and gravel tyres needing higher pressure. You can trust the Air Tool Comp to inflate your tyres accurately and efficiently, without pre-ride frustration or delay.

With a pump rate of 365cc-per-stroke, this pump might seem tailored to MTB bike tyres, but don't let that fool you. The Air Tool Comp Floor Pump fills all tyres swiftly, making it a versatile all-round biking tool. Its speed, reliability, and accuracy make it a must-have for any cyclist, regardless of the bike they ride or where they ride it.

Invest in the Specialized Air Tool Comp Floor Pump today and experience the comfort and convenience of a high-quality, dependable floor pump.

Add to your basket now and continue your journey with the assurance of accurate tyre inflation just a few pumps away.

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