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The Specialized Air Tool MTB Mini Pump is compact and efficient. Its dual chamber design moves 20% more air per stroke, reducing pumping time. With a twist lock head for Presta or Schrader valves, machined outer barrel for grip, aluminium chambers for durability. Mounting bracket included. Max pressure 60 PSI, volume-per-stroke 55cc.

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Specialized, a prime name in the biking industry, brings you the compact yet proficient Air Tool MTB Mini Pump. Despite its refined size, it's designed to perform under pressure—quite literally!

This air pump ups the game with its innovative, inverted dual-chamber design, pushing the boundaries by delivering a notable 20% more air per stroke than its predecessor, all while being 10% smaller. It's the perfect companion for your off-road adventures, with the capacity to handle the high-volume, low-pressure inflating needs of mountain bike tires.

Its mini size, yet colossal performance, makes this pump an indispensable accessory for avid cyclists. You can rely on its efficient operation to address tough tire situations during your outdoor rides. So, be it a trail expedition or a daily routine fix, the Air Tool MTB Mini Pump is the trustworthy and effective tool you've been searching for.

Invest in this lightweight, high performing air pump from Specialized, and experience an uninterrupted journey, every time!

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