Air Tool Road Mini Pump




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Specialized presents the top road mini pump for quick tube inflation and easy storage. The Air Tool Road Mini pump moves air efficiently with its dual chamber design. Pump faster and ride worry-free with this reliable accessory.

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Specialized brings you the top-class Air Tool Road Mini Pump for all your cycling needs. Perfect for serious cyclists, this pump is an essential tool that delivers performance and convenience in one handy package.

Efficient Inflation: With almost twice the volume delivery of its predecessor, the Air Tool Road Mini Pump can inflate tyres quickly and effectively. Its robust inverted dual chamber design ensures maximum efficiency, saving your energy and getting you back on the road in no time.

Compact and Portable: Don't be fooled by the size - this mini pump packs a punch. Moreover, its sleek design makes it easy to stash in your cycling kit or attach to your bike, ensuring that you've always got a trusty backup.

Dependable: Never let a flat tyre ruin your day again. With Specialized Air Tool Road Mini Pump in your cycling kit, you can handle those unwanted punctures with ease. It's ready whenever you are, providing the reliable assistance you need to keep your tyres at optimal pressure.

Experience the comfort, quality, and convenience of the Specialized Air Tool Road Mini Pump. Whether you're an everyday commuter, a weekend cyclist, or a professional racer, this pump is a must-have addition to your cycling essentials.

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