Mountain Mullet Tube




27.5/29 x 2.3-2.6

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Introducing Specialized MTN MULLET tube - the ultimate choice for mixed wheel size bikes. Fits both 27.5? and 29? tires. Get ready to be the trail hero with this versatile tube by Specialized. Fits tire sizes 27.5/29x2.3-2.6, 58-66x584/622. 40mm Presta Valve. Weighs only 220g.

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Discover the versatility and convenience of the 'Mountain Mullet Tube' from leading brand, 'Specialized'. Perfect for mixed wheel size mullet bikes, the Mountain Mullet Tube is engineered to fit both the 27.5"" and the 29"" with utter precision. No more troubling over which size tube to pack, this unique design simplifies your packing and pre-ride preparations.

This tube is just as ready and adept at handling business at the front as it is partying at the back. It's the ultimate trail companion, ready to bail you and your buddies out of a tight spot when required. Trust in this association with 'Specialized', a brand renowned globally for its commitment to quality and innovation in bike equipment.

While you're out there on the trails, in the mud, up mountains, or exploratory off-road rides, Mountain Mullet Tube is crafted to support your adventurous spirit. Be a hero on the trails, always ready to lend a helping hand with your adaptable tube.

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