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Plan ahead with the 'Specialized' SWAT™ Conceal Carry MTB tool. Hide an emergency multi-tool in your suspension fork for quick access. Includes Allen keys and a Torx wrench for any trail-side maintenance.

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Prepare for the unpredictable twists and turns of the trail with the 'Specialized SWAT™ Conceal Carry MTB Tool'. This cleverly designed tool is stowed away right inside the steerer tube of your suspension fork, providing a seamless transport solution without compromising on immediate access.

Equipped with a comprehensive selection of allen keys and a Torx wrench, the SWAT™ Conceal Carry MTB Tool is your trusty ally in any trail-side repair or adjustment. And worry not about chain issues, as it includes an embedded chain breaker to get you back on track in no time.

With a tool made from corrosion-resistant, durable materials, the quality craftsmanship inherent in all 'Specialized' products is clearly evident. So, when you saddle up for your next off-road adventure, ensure that the SWAT™ Conceal Carry MTB Tool is along for the ride.

This tool doesn't just ensure a hassle-free ride; it's a symbol of a 'Specialized' cyclist - prepared, resilient, and always adventure-ready. Conquer every MTB trail with confidence, knowing you have a reliable ally tucked away, ready to turn adversity into advantage - that's the power of being a 'Specialized' rider!

Make the SWAT™ Conceal Carry MTB Tool your next indispensable cycling accessory. Let your ride be about the adventure, not a repair worry in sight!