S-Works Stumpjumper Frame

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Introducing the all-new Stumpjumper from Specialized, the ultimate trail bike with a redesigned suspension and lightweight frame. Ready to climb easily and shred downhill with new Trail Geometry. The S-Works model offers a starting point for your customisation.

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When we say "The Ultimate Trail Bike" we mean it—the all-new Stumpjumper is everything you could ever ask for in a trail-ripping steed. Want a bike that climbs with ease? The Stumpjumper delivers thanks to a ground-up suspension redesign and lightest-in-class frame weight. How about something that's ready to shred when the trail turns downhill? That suspension re-design - paired with new Trail Geometry and the Rider-First Engineered™ frame’s perfect blend of stiffness and light weight - turns the Stumpjumper into an absolute monster descending. Point it where you want to go and let the party begin.

The S-Works Stumpjumper frame is the perfect starting point for you to envision your own interpretation of the Ultimate Trail Bike. Start with our supremely light incredibly strong FACT 11m carbon frame. Then dress it to suit your needs whether those needs be singletrack soul surfing or death-grip mayhem.

FrameFACT 11m carbon chassis and rear-end, carbon shock extension, asymmetrical design, 29 Trail Geometry, SWAT™ Door integration, flip chip Head Tube/Bottom Bracket adjustment, threaded BB, fully enclosed internal cable routing, 12x148mm dropouts, sealed cartridge bearing pivots, replaceable derailleur hanger, 130mm of travel
SWATSWAT™ Door integration
Rear ShockFOX FLOAT DPS Factory, Rx Trail Tune, EVOL Air sleeve, Kashima Coat, 3-position adjustment w/ Open Mode Adjustment, 190x45mm
Seat BinderAlloy, 38.6

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Lifetime warranty* to the original owner against structural defects in material or workmanship on ALL models of Specialized-branded frames and forks

  • Includes seatstays and chainstays on full-suspension bikes
  • Does not include suspension forks and suspension parts
  • Does not include paint and graphics (these are covered below)

* Register your bike, frameset, or Roval wheels within the first 90 days of purchase for a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

Read the full warranty here

When you purchase a bike from Specialized Concept Stores, you'll receive a complimentary tune-up service at your nearest store within 6 weeks of bike delivery.

This free service is designed to ensure that the bike you've chosen is operating optimally and to make any necessary adjustments, such as cable stretching, common with new bikes.

However, if you encounter any issues with your bike at any point, we strongly advise you to cease riding and promptly book your bike in for its complimentary service to ensure your safety and riding pleasure.

When you receive your bike, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how effortless it is to get it road-ready. We've designed the assembly process to be as straightforward as possible, so you can start enjoying your new ride without delays.

All you need to do is install the handlebars, pedals, and wheels. It's a quick and hassle-free process that requires no advanced technical skills. Our user-friendly instructions and included tools will guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth and secure assembly.

Whether you're an experienced cyclist or new to bike assembly, you can trust that the process will be a breeze. Within no time, your bike will be fully assembled, and you'll be ready to hit the road, trail, or bike path with confidence.

We offer 10 days free cover with all new bikes purchased, provided by our insurance partner VeloLife. You will be covered for the first 10 days of ownership against theft and accidental damage, so you can purchase with confidence.

Give yourself the comfort of no obligation free insurance, make sure you have peace of mind from the moment you leave the store. If anything happens to the bike in the first 10 days of ownership, know you are covered!

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With the Cycle to Work Scheme, you can use your pre-tax salary to acquire a brand-new bicycle and essential cycling accessories. This means significant savings for you, as your salary sacrifice reduces both your income tax and National Insurance contributions.

The process is seamless: Choose the bike that suits your needs and budget from our extensive range. Your employer will then set up a salary sacrifice arrangement, spreading the cost of your bike over a specified period, typically 12 to 18 months.

Once the salary sacrifice period ends, you have the option to own the bike outright for a nominal fee, ensuring you get to keep and enjoy your trusted two-wheeled companion for years to come.

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