Men's Power Grid™ Short Sleeve Baselayer

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Stay warm and dry with Specialized's Power Grid™ Short Sleeve Baselayer. This breathable baselayer provides extra core warmth without the clamminess of traditional layers. Perfect for cold weather rides.

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Saddle up a superior ride with this splendid Men's Power Grid™ Short Sleeve Baselayer from Specialized, a first-grade investment for any serious cyclist. Designed for peak performance, this base layer intelligently manages the body's microclimate, striking an indispensable balance between warmth and breathability.

Constructed with meticulous precision, this Baselayer differentiates itself by featuring a cutting-edge Power Grid™ pattern. This innovative design dramatically enhances breathability and moisture-wicking, ensuring a comfortably dry ride, even through the most rigorous cycling routines.

The fabric is wonderfully light and soft, enhancing comfort during prolonged wear. Despite its lightweight nature, it provides commendable thermal insulation. Embrace those colder morning rides without fear, knowing that you have the warmth of your Power Grid™ short sleeve Baselayer.

Discover the freedom of cycling with the anatomical fit of the short sleeves, designed to allow for maximum mobility. The streamlined silhouette complements this, reducing wind drag and enhancing speed on those road or mountain trails.

Opt for the unparalleled functionality of the Men's Power Grid Baselayer by Specialized, designed and engineered not just as clothing, but as essential gear for passionate cyclists. Make every ride an adventure and feel the difference a quality base layer can make.

Cycling has never been this comfortable. Upgrade your rides, not your bike.

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