Women's Body Geometry Grail Gloves

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Specialized Women's Grail gloves, designed by Dr. Kyle Bickel M.D., offer a perfect fit and protection. Scientifically tested to reduce hand numbness with Equalizer™ gel padding. Durable synthetic leather palm and breathable mesh top.

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The Specialized Women's Body Geometry Grail Gloves are not just typical cycling gloves; they're the epitome of comfort and performance. Meticulously designed with the help of Dr. Kyle Bickel M.D., these gloves feature the proprietary Body Geometry technology that has been explicitly tested to reduce hand numbness and enhance cycling comfort by improving circulation and distributing pressure evenly across the hand's soft tissues.

Made of durable synthetic leather, the palm provides the optimal combination of durability and bar-feel, allowing for a steady grip and effective bike control. The gloves feature a breathable mesh on top, delivering fantastic moisture management on prolonged rides to keep your hands dry and comfortable.

  • The Gloves feature the scientifically-proven Body Geometry Equalizer™ gel pad, which redistributes surface pressure over your hand to boost overall comfort and preserve unrestricted blood flow.
  • The gloves have a stylish, tapered, slip-on cuff design that not only offers a clean and sharp visual appeal but also ensures unrestricted comfort.
  • The breathable mesh upper is designed with high-stretch materials to meet the demand for comfortable, long-lasting wear.
  • Additional comfort features include a soft and absorbent Microwipe™ thumb panel, perfect for gently brushing away sweat during intense biking sessions.

Elevate your cycling experience with the Specialized Women's Body Geometry Grail Gloves – a perfect blend of technology, design and comfort for the discerning cyclist!