Men's Body Geometry Dual-Gel Long Finger Gloves


Discover the Specialized Body Geometry Dual-Gel Long Finger gloves for ultimate comfort. Strategically placed gel pads reduce hand fatigue and numbness, while promoting airflow for breathability. Secure fit with touchscreen compatibility for added functionality on your rides.

Our Body Geometry Dual-Gel Long Finger gloves from Specialized are designed with ultimate comfort in mind. Featuring strategically placed gel pads throughout the palm, these gloves are perfect for alleviating hand fatigue and relieving pressure on the ulnar nerve. The innovative design also works to reduce hand numbness and minimize the negative effects of road vibrations.Breathability is a key feature of these gloves, with a backhand that allows for optimal airflow. The contoured Velcro closure ensures a secure fit, providing extra support during your rides. Not only do these gloves offer superior comfort, but they are also touchscreen-compatible. This means you can easily use your phone without having to remove your gloves. Choose our Body Geometry Dual-Gel Long Finger gloves and experience the perfect blend of comfort and functionality on your next ride.

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