Women'sNeoshell Thermal Gloves


Stay warm in the cold with Specialized's Neoshell Thermal Gloves. Featuring Polartec® Neoshell® upper and AX Suede palm for comfort and dexterity. Enhance safety with HyprViz treatment for visibility. Get the Women's HyperViz Prime-Series Thermal Gloves today.

The new Neoshell Thermal Gloves by Specialized have been designed to provide warmth on colder days. With a Polartec® Neoshell® upper, these gloves protect your hands from wind and chilly weather without adding unnecessary bulk. The hydrophobic AX Suede palm provides excellent dexterity and comfort. In addition, these gloves feature the HyprViz treatment, which increases visibility to motorists. The combination of Hyper Green and black ensures that you stay visible at all times, enhancing your safety on the road. Stay warm, comfortable, and visible with the Women's HyperViz Prime-Series Thermal Gloves from Specialized.